Recital Picture Pick Up

For those of you who were not able to pick up your pictures this Summer, they have now been moved to PortraitEFX. Please contact Jeff Reed at 208-362-8600 to schedule a time to pick up your pictures. Thanks Everyone!


Goodbye Tip Tap Toes

         July 31, 2012
Hello Parents & Dancers,These last few months have been some crazy ones for myself, and our dance studio.
In June we recently found out that our Summer session of dance would have to cancel due to a remodel that Revive Spa would be performing, taking over and building out the front section of our studio.
Our plans to take the extra space in the studio, build a wall, and continue dance for Fall 2012 were ready to go. After many meetings, discussions, we were told that there was no way we could do a build-out that would eliminate the sound for Revive Spa next door. Our building plans were canceled and once again, we are in a position where we have no place to go for our Fall 2012 season. We were completely caught off-guard by this and wish we were given more time to allow for more options.
After looking at commercial properties and locations for our studio, we were unable to find an area that would be fees-able for our Fall 2012 season.My heart is broken that we have come to the conclusion that we can no longer continue Tip Tap Toes Dance. After 6 years, 12 recitals, parades and performances, I am saddened that I will not see your adorable dancers and their smiling faces each week.

Having had the opportunity to hopefully have touched their lives, boosted their self esteems, and encouraged their love to dance, I hope they will continue to dance and shine throughout the coming years.There are many dance studios throughout the Treasure Valley, however Tip Tap Toes was lucky enough to team up with the leading award winning Studio C, located less than 20 minutes from Tip Tap Toes in Eagle.
Studio C is known for their amazingly talented staff, and have won numerous awards with their dance crews, and company teams.
I am happy to be sending my own daughter Malia there this coming Fall, and hope you and your dancer will join us.
Registration for Fall is open and can be found at
I hope I am able to see all your dancers from time to time, and I hope their experience here at Tip Tap Toes Dance is one they will remember and cherish forever..Thank you everyone for the awesome years we had!”Dance Yourself Silly”

Kami Satterlee
Tip Tap Toes Dance

For those of you who have purchased a living social deal to be used in the following months, please contact living social as refunds are available to closing businesses.

For those of you who registered for summer, we will be sending refunds for the 2 lost Summer months, through the mail in the form of a check.

For those of you who will need to pick up pictures & DVDS, the studio door (located on the left side of the studio) Will be unlocked now until next week ONLY! Please come pick up your pictures, and your DVD ordered. We do not have extra dvds, so if you did not purchase one ahead of time please do not take one.

If you do not pick up pictures they will be returned to portrait EFX where you can schedule an appointment to pick them up.


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